Welcome to the website of the _____ Society of MOS&B. Interested in the “Military Order of the Stars and Bars”? Please check out our Join Us page, or send us an email at _____. We are descendants of the Confederate Officer Corp and encourage you to trace your family tree and become a member of our group.

The War Between the States produced some of the most outstanding civil and military leaders in the history of mankind. To perpetuate the idealism that animated the Confederate Cause and to honor the courage, devotion and endurance of those who dedicated their lives and services during four years of devastating war, and who, throughout the dreadful decade of reconstruction, labored heroically for the restoration of self-government as the most precious heritage of the American Revolution, male descendants of the officers who honorably served in the Army, Navy and other commands of the Confederate States of America and male descendants of the elected and appointed officials of the Confederate Executive and Legislative branches of government unite to establish The Military Order of the Stars and Bars, a patriotic Society.

If eligible, we invite you to join this prestigious organization.

We, the posterity of the Officer Corps and Civil Officials of the Confederacy, do pledge ourselves to commemorate and honor the service of leadership these men rendered in the cause of fundamental American principles of self-determination and states’ rights, and to perpetuate the true history of their deeds, for the edification of ourselves, our society, and for generations yet unborn.