General Executive Council 2022 - 2024

Commander General Johnnie L. Holley, Jr.
Lt. Commander General Thomas B. Rhodes, III
Chief of Staff David P. McMahon
Adjutant General W. Michael Moore
Judge Advocate General Jeffrey Massey
Comptroller General George S. Daugharty, Sr.
Treasurer General John Howard Talley III
Executive Director (hired) Jon Trent
ANV Executive Councilor Edward D. Izard
Past Commander-in-Chief Joseph Judson Smith, III
Past Commander General Byron E. Brady
Past Commander General Harold Davis, III
Past Commander General Wm. Howard Jones
Past Commander General Anthony Hodges
Past Commander General Jeffery W. Massey
Past Commander General Albert D. Jones, Jr.
Past Commander General James Troy Massey
Past Commander-in-Chief Perry J. Outlaw
Past Commander-in-Chief Charles H. Smith
Past Commander-in-Chief Robert L. Hawkins, III
Past Commander-in-Chief Beau Cantrell

Staff & Committee Members

Parliamentarian Jeffrey Massey
Registered Agent Richard H Knight, Jr.
Archivist General J. Troy  Massey
Chaplain General Preston Irving
Communications General David P. McMahon
Genealogist General W. Kevin Hawkins
Historian General Ben Willingham
Editor-in-Chief Richard Hollis
Asst. Editor-in-Chief William Alvord
Inspector General Albert Jones, Jr.
Quartermaster General Dan Landreth
Awards Chairman Lee Lance
Finance Chairman George S. Daugharty, Sr.
Grants Chairman David J. Stringfellow
Leadership Seminar Chairman Johnnie L. Holley, Jr.
Literary Chairman Scott Bowden
Membership Chairman Thomas B. Rhodes, II
Real Grandsons Chairman J. Troy Massey
Scholarship Chairman Ron Perdue
Teacher of the Year Chairman TBD
Time & Place Chairman Thomas B. Rhodes, II
War/Military Service Chairman Greg Eanes

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