Past Commanders-in-Chiefs

1938-1945Homer Atkinson(1848-1945)Virginia
1945-1948Dr. Capt. George Bolling Lee(1872-1948)New York
1948-1953Lt. Walter Scott Hancock(1869-1959)Missouri
1953-1954Dr. Maj. William Remshart Dancy(1877-1960)Georgia
1954-1957Donald Bain Todd(1876-1958)Tennessee
1957-1959James Kyle Senter(1912-1996)Tennessee
1959-1961Alvis Ildefonse Downs, Jr.(1921-2012)Tennessee
1961-1963Frank Everett Larue, Jr.(1933-2002)Texas
1963-1964Col. John Amasa May(1908-1976)South Carolina
1964-1966Tom White Crigler, Jr.(1897-1986)Mississippi
1966-1968Stanley Wayne Van Zandt(1926-1984)Arkansas
1968-1970Dr. James MacDonald Edwards(1930-2001)Georgia
1970-1972H Paul Porter(1912-1983)Virginia
1972-1974Dr. Laurence Michael Oden(1918-2000)Mississippi
1974-1976Dennis Wayne Rainoshek(1935-2021)Texas
1976-1978Col. Lindsey Patterson Henderson, Jr.(1922-2001)Georgia
1978-1980Dr. Ralph William Widener, Jr.(1922-2011)Texas
1980-1982John E. Hunter(1923-1999)Texas
1982-1984Ronald Turner Clemmons(1947-2019)Tennessee
1984-1986Mark Lea (Beau) Cantrell(1951- )Oklahoma
1986-1988John L Echols, Sr.(1941-2023 )Mississippi
1988-1990Edward Overton Cailleteau(1945-2020)Louisiana
1990-1992Robert Lewis Hawkins, III(1951- )Tennessee
1992-1994Charles Herbert Smith(1934- )Oklahoma
1994-1996Perry James Outlaw(1941- )Alabama

Past Commander Generals

1996-1998James Troy Massey(1955- )Arkansas
1998-2000Josiah Bynum (Joe) Gay, III(1929- 2012)Virginia
2000-2002Albert Dean Jones, Jr.(1946- )North Carolina
2002-2004Jeffery Wayne Massey(1962- )Oklahoma
2004-2006Daniel Wilbur Jones(1928- 2014)North Carolina
2006-2008Philip Herbert Law(1948- 2023)Alabama
2008-2010Dr. Charles Anthony Hodges(1954- )Tennessee
2014-2016Wm Howard Jones(1938- )California
2016-2018Harold Franklin Davis, III(1957- )South Carolina
2018-2020Byron E. Brady(1954- )North Carolina
2020-2022Joseph Judson Smith, III(1938- )Virginia

"My religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me. That is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave."

General Stonewall Jackson

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